Tragedy: Buea Council mourns three of its workers

Tragedy: Buea Council mourns three of its workers

The Council workers died in a gruesome accident at the Ombe bridge along the Limbe – Mutengene road.

The Mayor of the Buea Council, Ekema Patrick and the entire council staff are still to come to terms with the tragic death of three of their colleagues, two of whom are close relatives to the Mayor.

Ngou David Wotany, younger brother to the Mayor and worker at the recovery unit of the council, Ekongolo Elvis, nephew of Mayor Ekema and market master at the Buea Central Market including Anyi Che Eugene, market master at the Muea Market were among five (5) persons who perished in the accident. They were on board the same vehicle, a mercedes matriculated SW 226AO and were returning from a birthday party in Limbe when their car lost control, hit the Ombe bridge and ended its course in the nearby valley killing all its occupants.

The two others who equally died in the accident are also linked to the council. Tabi Flobert was husband to a female worker at the Buea Council while Menge Peter is another relative to the Mayor.

The accident that occurred precisely on the 15th of April 2018 comes barely months to the municipal elections billed for this year in Cameroon and critics to the Mayor of the Buea Council are already throwing accusations at him for being responsible for the ordeals and negative happenings in the municipality.

The past weeks have not been welcoming to Ekema Patrick. First he was suspended from the teaching corps of the University of Buea for alleged forgery in academic documents.

A suspension decision which is still to be examined ny the Minister of Higher Education, professor Jacques Fames ndongo, before a final verdict is taken on the allegations of detention of fake documents.

The population in Buea especially traders at the mile 17 motor park have alos not been appreciating the actions of the Mayor whom they believe is first working for his personal interest and then the interest of the ruling CPDM party before looking at the population in his municipality.

Mayor Patrick Ekema in the face of all the accusations still remain tall and strong for his believes that he is innocent of all the allegations against his person, his documents and position at the helm of the Buea Council.

To him, it is a plot to tarnish his image and attempt to spoil his rich political career especially this electoral year in Cameroon.

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