Ndop Council: Mayor request for City Council

Ndop Council: Mayor request for City Council

The appeal was made by Mayor Mbombo Abel Chenyi to the President of the Republic.

The Mayor of the Ndop municipality in Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region, Mbombo Abem Chenyi, popularly called the “Visionary mayor” has appealed to the Head of State, Paul Biya to upgrade the Ndop municipality to the status of a City Council due to its development structure and growing population.

The “Visionary Mayor” of the Ndop council made the appeal recently to the press in his municipality  during a ceremony that was aimed at disclosing huge projects that the council will soon execute for which conventions have already been signed.

Talking about the new projects for the council, Mayor Mbombo Abel Chenyi noted that some 200 low cost descent house worth over 500 million FCFA will soon be constructed in the Ndop Council.

With this project, Ndop will become the second town in the North West Region to benefit from such a huge project from the state of Cameroon after Bamenda. This project will come to add to the existing projects implanted in the municipality by the coincil since the mayor took office in 2013.

Council Progress Record

The Conference was an ideal occasion for mayor Mbombo to presnt the path covered so far in his reign at the helm of the council.

From 2013 to 2017, mayor Mbombo Abel Chenyi has made a steady increase in revenue collection except in 2017 where there was a slight drop due to the ongoing crisis. according to the mayor, the revenue collection was due to withness a dramatic increase but for the socio-politicat tension in the country affecting the two English speaking regions.

In 2013, revenue was 476.833.454 FCFA, while expenditure was 434.277.482 FCFA. In 2014, revenue stood at 642.173.151 FCFA and expenditure was 582.792.117 FCFA. In 2015, revenue was 672.030.128 FCFA and expenditure stood at 627.734.617 FCFA. In  2016, revenue was 678. 764.558 FCFA and expenditure was 634.767.285 FCFA. It was in 2017 that the revenue dropped a bit to 673.131.209 FCFA but the expenditure was 594.295.869 FCFA.

The mayor however appealed to the population of Ndop to desist from the so called “ghost towns” which is bringing the economy of the region to its knees with the population feeling the pinch.

For the council to suceed in its development strive, the population need to pay their taxes, the mayor added.

While asking for the municipality to be upgraded to a City Council, he also thanked the Head of State for creaating the Ministry of Decentralisation and Local Development which he believes will fast tract the decentralisation process.

Mayor Mbombo Abel Chenyi it should be recalled is a retired chartered accountant who has held several posts of responsibility in various banks and has a wide knowedge of council management and other ocietal issues.



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