Senatorial Elections: Report from vote counting commission delivered already

Senatorial Elections: Report from vote counting commission delivered already

The 22 members of the first ever vote counting commission of the constitutional council were already at work and results of their exercise have already been forwarded to the constitutional council on Thursday, March 29th 2018.

Installed on march 27th by Clément Atangana, constitutional council president, the mission of the commission was to receive and analyze the different verbal processes from all the polling stations across the country. They had five days according to the law to carry out their duties.

At the end of their analysis the commission tabled their report with indications that two major complaints came in from two political parties demanding the cancellation of results in some regions.

Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam of the SDF party requested the cancellation of the results in the South West Region for reasons that some voters did not vote in their localities, precisely in Lebialem division where insecurity forced officials to transport them out of the region, while in the Kupe Muanenguba division, turnout was poor due to insecurity in the area.

The CDU party requested cancellation in the West Region for reasons that in some polling stations, vote counting took place at 12:00 noon which to them is against the law that states that votes shall be counted after the voting exercise is stopped at 6:00 pm. Another reason was irregularities in the voting exercise with change of voters on voting day.

The members of the vote counting commission were installed on Tuesday, March 17, 2018 by the president of the constitutional council, Clement Atangana who asked them to work in all freedom and serenity so that their results would reflect the image of the elections. The installation ceremony took place at the audience hall of the constitutional council in Yaounde.

Who are they?

The members of the vote counting commission are drawn from the civil society, from the Ministry of territorial Administration, from elections Cameroon, from the different political parties who took part in the polls as well as from the Supreme Court.

The President of the Commission appointed by the president of the constitutional council is Emile

Essombe. Two of the members are from the Judiciary appointed by the president of the Supreme Court:

  • Ateba Ombala Marc
  • EPULI Mathias Aloh

Five of the members are representatives of the administration appointed by the minister of Territorial Administration:

  • Nganko Firmin Daniel
  • Ekobena Remy Bernard
  • Issand Issanda Alain S
  • Bekila Gisele Valerie
  • Amadou Souley

The elections organizing body in Cameroon, ELECAM is equally represented by five members:

  • Bau Okha Bau
  • Alamdou Serge
  • Mekeme Michele
  • Ahmadou Mohaman
  • Enow Dickson Enow

The rest of the members are from the nine political parties who participated in the elections:

  • CPDM – Talba Mala Ibrahim
  • SDF – Mbah Ndam Njang
  • CDU – Mongwet Adamou
  • USM – Njonkam Anne
  • NADP – Abdoulaye Abdo
  • NFSC – Mabou Mabou
  • NUDP – Ngayap Pierre Flambeau
  • UPC – Biya Jean II Jacques
  • UDP – Fokum Hilary Kebila
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