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Louvier Kindo Tombe, passionate about radio. He is interested since 2017 in the issues of decentralization, local development and governance.

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Decentralization: Germany reduces gaps in Cameroon

Germany has agreed to pump in 13.6 million Euros to finance some two major projects within the next three years. Two separate inter – governmental partnership agreements of 13.6 million

Actu Cameroun

Tubah Council: the relocated marriages of the town hall

Mayor Tanjong Meshongong Martin was forced by the kidnap of his deputy, to close down the doors of the council office in Bambui and sign a wedding in a Bambili

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Cameroon: kidnapped Batibo DO, announced death by government

The PM announced the assassination of the Divisional Officer of Batibo, Namata Marcel Diteng more than four months after he was abducted by unknown assailants. The family of the abducted

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Paul Biya’s Emergency Humanitarian Plan: local government Councils “obliged” to contribute at least FCFA 104.000.000

A total sum of 12.7 Billion FCFA is expected to be raised to bring back life to the North West and South West regions. Few days after the president of

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Reward: Tubah council mayor crowned for excellence

Mayor Tanjong Martin has received recognition of his development strides in the municipality. The award to the mayor of the Tubah council in the Tubah Sub Division, Mezam Division of

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Nkongsamba III and Mombo council mayors rehabilitated

They were sanctioned from the Cpdm party in 2014 following acts of indiscipline and are coming back days to the end of their mandate. The mayor of the Nkongsamba III

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PNDP performance basket selection: North West launches 2nd phase

The launching took place at the MINEPAT hall in Bamenda and was chaired by the governor of the North West region, Adolphe Lele L’ Afrique. It was within the framework

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Nguti council: PNDP donates generator

The South West coordinator of the National Community Driven Development Program personally handed over the generator to the mayor of the council. The kumba city council hall in Meme Division

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Zimbabwe: general Elections date fixed for July 30

Zimbabweans will be voting their new president, members of the national assembly and councillors It is now official, Zimbabwe will hold its general elections on July 30, 2018. Incumbent President,

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National Urban Policy: Littoral region in support of “Smart Cities”

Stakeholders in the region have been mapping out concrete proposals to present at the national level. The Littoral region is hosting the economic capital of Cameroon, Douala, which is a

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Crisis in Madagascar: constitutional court orders the appointment of a new premier

The move intends lifting a political crisis sparked by controversial election reforms Madagascar has been rocked by violent protest since April 21, 2018 that initially sought to oppose new laws

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Bali Council: ambitious plans for 2018

The Mayor of the Bali Council in the North West region says the projects such as Council Food Markets will improve on the livelihood of the population Mayor Ngoh Ajong 

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Nigeria: imminent Decentralization of police system

Experts believe that it is time to create ‘State’ or ‘Regional’ police that will coexist with Federal Police. One of the arguments of pro restructuring in Nigeria as the country


2018 elections: Abdoulaye Babale out of the game The President of the Republic has appointed a new director general of elections at Elections Cameroon. After the board of directors of