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Louvier Kindo Tombe, passionate about radio. He is interested since 2017 in the issues of decentralization, local development and governance.

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Actu Cameroun

Campaign to stop « killer robots » launched in Cameroon

The aim of the exercise is to engage state authorities to sign an undertaking against the development of the robots The campaign to stop killer robots launched in Cameroon Monday

Actu Cameroun

Bafut Council: motor bikes prohibited for an indefinite period

The decision is from the governor of the North West region, Adolphe Lele L’Afrique. The prohibition of commercial and non commercial motor bikes from circulating in the Bafut Council in


Housing Crisis in Cameroon: “Afribat”, a platform for discovery of construction innovations

The housing deficit in Cameroon stands at one million units and companies that are expected to solve these problems have many shortcomings that they need to over-come. These were the

Actu Cameroun

Ban on imported sugar: government assures consumers

The Minister of Trade says there will be no shortage of sugar or an increase in the price of the commodity in Cameroon Following the recent ban on the importation

Actu Cameroun

Eseka train accident: commemorative monument soon to be erected

Four samples of the monument have been presented to the Head of State for selection one year after he ordered the construction of a monument The four different samples are

Actu Cameroun

Municipal Development: Bamenda III council partners with cities in China

Three renowned cities in China have agreed to support the growth and development of the Bamenda III Council with water as top priority. The Bamenda III Council of the Mezam

Actu Cameroun

Yaounde – Nsimalen highway: standards must be respected

The Minister of Housing and Urban Development, Jean Claude Mbwentchou has given directives to follow in the construction of the infrastructure. The directives provided by the Minister were presented at

Actu Cameroun

Tragedy: Buea Council mourns three of its workers

The Council workers died in a gruesome accident at the Ombe bridge along the Limbe – Mutengene road. The Mayor of the Buea Council, Ekema Patrick and the entire council

Actu Cameroun

Fundong council: updated Council Development Plan validated

The Plan was validated during the administrative and management accounts session of the council. The Fundong Council in the Boyo Division of the North West Region now has an up


MIDA: a prefectural decision makes social tension within youths

Thousands of youths are dissatisfied with the decision from the Senior Divisional Officer of Mfoundi, Jean Claude Tsila, suspending the activities of the organisation which has been providing training and

Actu Afrique

Sierra Leone: new President promises inclusive government

The new government of President Maada is expected to reflect all the aspects of Sierra Leone The decision to establish an inclusive government comes barely days after President Julius Maada

Actu Cameroun

Ndop Council: Mayor request for City Council

The appeal was made by Mayor Mbombo Abel Chenyi to the President of the Republic. The Mayor of the Ndop municipality in Ngoketunjia Division of the North West Region, Mbombo

Actu Cameroun

Limbe celebrates his 160 years with arts and culture

The celebration of the 160th anniversary of the town coincides with the 5th edition of the annual Limbe Festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC) which aims at selling the rich

Actu Afrique

Uganda: constitutional court to decide on presidential age-limit case

Opposition Members of Parliament, Uganda law society and civil society groups want to prevent President Yuweri Museveni from taking part in the 2021 Presidential election in the country The constitutional

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