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Essential services: inauguration of a borehole in Ebolowa

The mayor of Ebolowa I this Saturday February 9, 2019 handed over a borehole water point to the population of new bell.


General meeting of the municipality: Only 2% of state budget for Decentralized territorial communities

The first ever general meeting of the municipaly from 6 to 7 February 2019 saw the Prime Minister’s plea for more investment in the communes.

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Yaounde: Clashes between traders of central market and municipal police

Clashes between municipal police and traders in the central market Yaounde on Friday 8th, 2019, because a trader was molested.


Urban developement: Bangangté Municipal Stadium by Célestine Ketcha Courtes

Ministry of urban developement Ketcha Courtes has temporarily closed down the municipal stadium for 2019 season, due to construction works going on.

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Douala: Confrontation between the municipal police and Mboppi market traders

The general meeting of the Mboppi market traders association was    interrupted by administrative authority of Douala 1 on January 24th, 2019.