Yaounde: Clashes between traders of central market and municipal police

Yaounde: Clashes between traders of central market and municipal police

Clashes between municipal police and traders in the central market Yaounde on Friday 8th, 2019, because a trader was molested.

The municipal police in their usual patrol through the Central Market Yaoundé, trying to clear off the street, confronted the traders, it was a scene of violent clashes, as the traders who occupied the road side were seriously molested by the municipal police, a situation that angered most of the traders says an eye witness.

The atmosphere in the Central market in Yaoundé quickly became a battleground, as traders started throwing stones at the municipal police. While on their part tried to defend themselves, the incident lasted for several minutes, it took the forces of law and order some time to calm down the situation.

Some material damaged was recorded, especially the car of a musician artist called Nyangono du Sud “my car has been broken; it is in a bad state. I do not know who will pay to repair it because it happened during the clashes”, says the artist who is also a trader in the market.

It’s not the first time that the municipal police is being confronted by the traders because they don’t carry out their work with care. They are overzealous, inflicting pain on the poor traders.

Précedent Georges Elanga Obam : « Le cadre normatif de la commune pas toujours appliqué est un frein majeur à la décentralisation »
Suivant General meeting of the municipality: Only 2% of state budget for Decentralized territorial communities


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