Local governance: Doumaintang municipality to the test

Local governance:  Doumaintang municipality to the test

The evaluation was made by the municipal councilors in collaboration with the population, 21st February 2019 in the presence of Mbola Ndjas Charles the mayor.

He used the occasion to announce the inauguration of the city hall for March 16th by the minister of decentralization and local development to shame his detractors. Doumantaing, located 48km from Doume in the department of Haut Nyong, Eastern region.

Dagoume Ngamba Lazare, municipal councilor of the village expresses concern about the situation. “We find that after 6 years as a city councilor, nothing works in Doumaintang. The municipal executive is more involved in top of Woulbiam where he is from.

A few months from the end of the standing mandate, the achievements under the municipality’s own funds are invisible in the rest of the municipality; we are hard pressed on the management side of the communal forest. When we seek to understand what is happening, we are intimidated by the prefectural authority which forces us to sign the documents blindly.

At the end of each session of our municipal councils, we are always embarrassed in front of the populations. What to say to those people who ask so many questions? As a city councilor, I tell you with certainty that the terms of Mr. Charles Mbola Ndjas are a dismal failure and a crash all the way. Even more, our mayor is not visible in Doumaintang, he lives in Yaoundé, the gates of the town are closed to users”, he denounces.

For the passé 6 years, the roads have never been tarred, there were rumors that the city of Mbaguempal benefited under the BIP, a staffing in the classroom and equipped latrines, but nothing has ever been realized on the ground.

Zam Clovis, a young farmer from the locality said “we are penalized in the district of Doumaintang following the closure of the services of the town hall. In fact, the municipal agents, accused several months of unpaid wages, moreover the city hall is in a sorry state and the town is excessively indebted. Who will bear this burden after the next election since Mbola Ndjas Charles will hunted here as a bush rat by local people. Besides, he does not reside here. We call ion the government to open an investigation that will shed light on the current mayor’s management. I invite our political elites to let us freely choose at the poles, our own mayor.”

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