Nguti council: PNDP donates generator

Nguti council: PNDP donates generator

The South West coordinator of the National Community Driven Development Program personally handed over the generator to the mayor of the council.

The kumba city council hall in Meme Division of the South West region of Cameroon was host to the ceremony where in the Mayor of the Nguti Council, Tong George received the brand new generator donated by the PNDP.

The generator according to the PNDP boss in the region, Dr. Nkem David Atongchong will go a long way to help electrify some communities among the 54 villages that make up the Nguti Council in the Nguti Sub Division. Many communities in the municipality are void of electricity which is a major hindrance to the development of the localities the PNDP coordinator added.

The Mayor of the Nguti Council was instructed to make good use of the gift especially by not concentrating the advantages of the generator to a particular community, because as Mayor, he is the representative of the entire municipality.

The Mayor of the Nguti Council, Tong George Enoh while receiving the gift in the presence of the municipal councillors of the council and members of staff, thanked PNDP officials for their kind gesture and promised to use the generator to serve the entire municipality. He says the gift is timely given that the council is presently envisaging development strategies within the framework of the country’s emergence by 2035.

The electrification appliance it should be noted was handed over to the Nguti Council at the end of a ceremony to assess “Score cards” for the Nguti Council, Mbonge Council, and Konye Council in the health, water, education sectors as well as municipal services. The Nguti Council registered positive strives and promised to do better with the generator now at their disposal.

The Nguti Council was created in 1967 but it finally went operational in 1978. It is made up of 54 villages amongst which are 26 very enclaved villages with difficult accessibility known as the ‘Mbo hinterlands’

The council gas a surface area of 1444 km2 with a population of about 68.000 inhabitants. The municipality is equally dived into 54 chiefdoms having 2 second class chiefs and 52 third class chiefs.


The main activity of the municipality is agriculture with the cultivation of products like cocoa, coffee, palm nuts, plantain, ground nuts, egusi among others.

The municipality is bounded to the North by Mamfe, to the West by Mundemba, to the South by Konye and Tombel and to the East by the Littoral region.

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