PNDP performance basket selection: North West launches 2nd phase

PNDP performance basket selection: North West launches 2nd phase

The launching took place at the MINEPAT hall in Bamenda and was chaired by the governor of the North West region, Adolphe Lele L’ Afrique.

It was within the framework of the good governance program that the National Community Driven Development Program, PNDP launched the 2nd edition of the performance basket selection for 2018.

While presenting the technical note of the second edition of the performance basket, the NW regional coordinator of the PNDP, Nkanjo Bruno Daniel said it has four main points, that is the strategies for the implementation of the 2018 performance basket which are; content of the revised council’s evaluation grid, planning of activities to be carried out among others.

Speaking on behalf of the United Cities and Councils of Cameroon, UCCC, the mayor of the Ndu council representing the North West branch, Banyui Emmanuel lauded the initiative for enabling councils in the region and the nation at large to work extra hard in a bit to achieve their main goal of poverty reduction and improvement of the livelihood of the population.

The different 31 councils in the North West region were enjoined on the occasion to work hard to be represented and to win the prize set aside this year.

The first councils would be awarded a cash prize of 50 million FCFA  in each of the categories. The amount is expected to be used for the funding of micro projects without the council contributions as they did with the first performance equity basket.

The innovation in the 2nd edition is that the award is based on the best progress in terms of performance. The national committee of the competition was put in place by the minister of the economy, planning and regional development, the special council support fund for mutual assistance, FEICOM, UCCC and the ministry of finance, MINFI. The PNDP local approach was at first 16 marks but it has been revised to 25 marks.

The first edition launched by the government last year saw the Kumbo Council emerged first on the national scheme with 42 marks in category 3, and the Njikwa Council in category 4 with 30 marks.

The second phase has put in place a new basket front known as performance basket based on specific criteria to raise the competition among the councils.

North West regional governor, Adolphe Lele L’ Afrique, while launching the second edition of the performance basket competition applauded the PNDP regional coordinator and the pay master general for the technical presentation to enlighten the stakeholders on how the competition is going to be performed. PNDP he said has put in place a decentralised mechanism to help councils realise its economic infrastructure in order to maintain its sustainable development goals.

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