Bali Council: ambitious plans for 2018

Bali Council: ambitious plans for 2018

The Mayor of the Bali Council in the North West region says the projects such as Council Food Markets will improve on the livelihood of the population

Mayor Ngoh Ajong  Sylvanus was speaking during the 2017 administrative and management accounts session of the council that took place on Friday, June 1, 2018 at the Bali Council. The council session was focused on the up coming projects of the council as well as the examination and adoption of the administrative accounts for 2017.

Mayor Ngoh noted that huge ambitious projects have been earmarked in order to improve on the livelihood of the population, such as the construction of classrooms, principal’s offices, toilets at GTC Bawock, Nchusam, GTC Naka and Kitadnsti; the construction of veterinary center Bali, Slaughter slab at Gwan, Grading of Etoma-Koppin road, among others.

The Bali Council Mayor said he has signed two huge projects in the domain of water and energy. He however appealed  to the development stake holders like PNDP, BANDECA, LIFIDEF, NKUMU FED FED, as well as sons and daughters of Bali to put hands on deck to ensure that the Bali council is able to respond, in a timely manner to the international engagement with their partners as per the MOUs.

Opening the administrative and management accounts session for Bali Council for 2017, on the state of execution of revenues and expenditures of the council, Mayor Ngoh Ajong  Sylnavus Dobgima said that out of the 400 million FCFA voted in 2016 and an additional 60.390.943 FCFA, the expenditure stood at the sum of 235.799.749 FCFA producing a balance of 68 546 FCFA in 2016.

The statistics indicate a drastic reduction in the account due to the ongoing anglophone crisis that made it difficult for tax collections and recoveries in 2017.

Talking about projects realised in 2017, the Mayor said a reasonable sum of 151,877,081 FCFA was spent under the recurrent expenditure representing 63.5% of the budget. 82.922.668 FCFA representing 37.17% was spent on feasibility studies on environmental impact and on the the construction of the Ngwandingang water by gravity scheme. The installation of 40 solar street lights in Bali municipality, installation of solar systems at the Gola water treatment and pumping stations.

Special attention was also given to road maintenance through the construction of road culverts in localities like Douala-Bawock, T-Junction, Beisen road, construction of a bridge at Tita Fongah’s Wosing, rehabilitation of Mbufung and Koplap water by gravity scheme, updates of CDP for Bali.

The councillors during the session also enjoined the Mayor to obtain a short term loan of 23.111.966 FCFA from BACCCUL – Bali for the payment of staff salaries and the settlement of other financial commitments.

He was equally empowered to obtain another quarterly short term loan of 18 million FCFA and for the salaries still while the councillors gave him the powers to create the Bali Food Market in Naka, Ngwatkan and Wosing Villages.

The Divisional Officer for Bali, Dolingo  Beki who represented the SDO for Mezam at the session urged the  council executive to put the council on its high performance and avoid linking the failure to the ongoing socio-political tension in the North West region.

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