Nkongsamba III and Mombo council mayors rehabilitated

Nkongsamba III and Mombo council mayors rehabilitated

They were sanctioned from the Cpdm party in 2014 following acts of indiscipline and are coming back days to the end of their mandate.

The mayor of the Nkongsamba III council in the Moungo Division of the Littoral Elise Henriette Mboula Epouse Essame and the mayor of Mombo council, Jean-Blaise Djouokou are once again militants of the ruling Cpdm party. After spending close to four years out of the party, the two can now partake in all party activities as full time militants.

This follows a decision from the national president of the Cameroon People democratic Movement, Paul Biya reinstating them within the ranks of the party by according clemency to them. The reinstatement follows request for gratification formulated by the mayors after discovering that they have both wronged the party.

Contrary to past similar event, the national president of the ruling party did not hesitate to reply to their request and in a no-too-long a period; a favorable response was given to their request.

The decision from the president of the party to re instate the militants lies on legal and statutory dispositions of the party following article 27 of the statutes of the party which gives him the sole responsibility to be responsible for the wellbeing of the party and the path in which the party has to follow.

Though the decision to bring them back into the party is coming towards the end of their five year mandate, with this decision, the two can hope of a possible re-election if invested by their parties.

By opting to beg for forgiveness publicly from party hierarchy, mayor Mboula and Djouokou have shown sense of maturity indicating that they have learned a lesson and are now ready to serve the party with all respect and honesty

Worth noting is the fact that the mayors were dismissed from the party but they continued serving as mayor of their various municipalities given that they represent the Cpdm party but their services are destined to the entire municipality irrespective of the political backgrounds of the inhabitants.

The problem with the mayors started far back in 2013 after the municipal elections. We can recall that on the 25th of December 2013 after the municipal polls the president of the party created an ad-hoc commission charged with examining and handling cases of indiscipline in the party. The commission founded on articles 33 and 34 was headed by Peter Mafany Musonge and their first sanctions involved eight militants of the party among whom were the Mayors of Nkongsamba III and Mombo.

By deciding to reinstate the mayors of Nkongsamba III and Mpmbo municipalities, the ruling Cpdm party hope to use them in campaign as the upcoming municipal elections are just months away. And the option can work so well given that the mayors would equally be expecting to be invested by the party.



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