Tubah Council: the relocated marriages of the town hall

Tubah Council: the relocated marriages of the town hall

Mayor Tanjong Meshongong Martin was forced by the kidnap of his deputy, to close down the doors of the council office in Bambui and sign a wedding in a Bambili based Hotel

The insecurity in the two English speaking regions of the country is greatly affecting council activities located in the North West and South West regions. The Tubah Council, in Tubah Sub Division, Mezam Division of the North West region has for the past weeks been greatly hit by clashes between separatist fighters and security forces.

Council activities have been seriously affected, revenue collection in the different markets that make up the municipality has dropped, and tax payers are not active just to name but these few cases of hardship gaining momentum in the council area.

Most recently, unknown men alleged to be “Ambazonia fighters” have resorted to threatening the lives of council workers of the Tubah municipality.

The  Deputy Mayor of the Tubah Council, Chikelem Boniface, a son of Big Babanki (Kedjom Keku) in the municipality was whisked off by unknown men who attacked his residence, but reports say he succeeded to escape from the hands of his kidnappers and his where about is still at large.

The continuous threats and attacks on council staff could not leave the mayor indifferent. That is how a series of marriages billed for the council premises were suspended, some by the couple themselves and others by the municipal staff; other marriages were simply extended or relocated by the mayor for fear of the unknown.

A clear example was on Saturday, June 23, 2018 when Mr. and Mrs Ntang Eugene had planned the signing of their wedding, but the security situation in the municipality that same weekend was very preoccupying. The Mayor, Tanjong Martin had to propose to sign the marriage at a Hotel in Bambili considered by him as a safer site.

The couple did not hesitate to abide by the new decision given that they had already carried out all preparations for the wedding and church blessing was to follow suit that same date in their native Big Babanki still in the Tubah Council.

Similar relocation and suspension of activities and events by council staff are frequent of late in the municipality as a result of the socio political crisis.

Worth noting is the fact that there is no official note indicating that activities have been relocated from the council premises, but it depends on the mayor who is well placed to judge the security of certain events to be hosted by the council.

Mayor Tanjong however calls on the entire population of the Tubah council to remain calm and collaborate in trying to seek lasting solutioins to the crisis that is weighing much on them municipality.


Précedent Décentralisation: des avancées dans la mise en œuvre
Suivant Budget de l’Etat : les CTD désormais impliquées


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