South West: Bangem Mayor kidnapped

Mayor Simon Ekuh Ojeh alongside two of his collaborators were taken away by unknown assailants on the eve of National Unity day celebration. To this day they remain in captivity.

The kidnapped mayor of Bangem Council in the Kupe Muanenguba Sub Division of the South West region, Simon Ekuh Ojeh and his 2nd deputy, Onengene Epie Manga including another council scribe were whisked off by armed men claiming to be fighting for restoration of Southern Cameroon.

They were taken as they tried to convince the population of that locality to stay away from calls of boycott and actively participate in the May 20 celebrations in Kupe Muanenguba. The mayor and his collaborators were on the field distributing fliers sensitizing the population before the unfortunate incident happened.

It is alleged that the mayor was not only out to sensitize the population but also to bribe them to heed to calls from the government of Cameroon and not to calls from anglophone activists who are bent on disrupting the peace and unity in the country through the secession strive. They were held in custody and the money they brought to bribe the population seized also, report says.

A video circulating on the social media shows the mayor, Simon Ekuh Ojeh lamenting in the hands of the restoration forces of Kupe Muanenguba whom he said asked him to call his people and tell them not to partake in any May 20 activity in the Division else he (the mayor) would pay the price. The mayor revealed in the video that the restoration forces are accusing him of conniving with the government of Cameroon to ensure a smooth and successful celebration of National Unity in Bangem.

In the same video, mayor Ekuh confirmed the fact that he has been given a good treatment by the kidnappers who have not yet hurt him in any way but have instead fed him well and have promised to let him go should he succeed to stop any National Unity celebration in that area.

In a separate video still on the social media, and in one of the thick bushes of the South West region, the 2nd deputy mayor of Bangem, Onangene Epie Manga sents out a similar cry but revealed that they were out forcing people to take part in the celebration, a position which is against the views of the kidnappers.

From all indications, it is evident that mayor Ekuh  Ojeh and Epie Manga and the other council scribe would celebrate National Unity day in captivity and their fate will only be determined following how successful the celebration will look like in the Kupe Muanenguba Division.

So far, their lives are not in danger but no one knows what can happen next. It should be noted that some top government officials kidnapped have been released, others killed while the whereabouts of a few still remain a mystery.

The Bangem Council in the Kupe Muanenguba Division of the South West region of Cameroon has a surface area of 1500 km2 and a total population of 19.775 inhabitants. It is located some 94 kms away from the main town of Kumba.

The council has 35 councillors. It equally has the following boundaries; to the North by the Tinto Sub Division, to the South by the Konye Sub Division, to the South-East by Bangem and Mekong, to the East by Santchou, Dschang and Fontem and to the West by Eyumodjock and Toko.

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