Umushyikirano 2018 : The main resolutions

During the closing ceremony on the 14th of December 2018, President Paul Kagame closed the day with five main resolutions

HE Paul Kagame of the Republic of Rwanda thanked everyone who made it to the event and hope that participant drew many lessons from the event. He said: “Everything that we do should be about developing Rwanda which is called transformation”. He added that the transformation is possible because its practical and the evidence are seen already. It depends on the speed that is chosen. Earlier on, he asked the Prime Minister Dr Ngirente Edouard to explain why the funds which were allocated for the poor were not used at that purpose. This issue which was one of the main discussed during the first day of the event and the Head of State was not satisfied with the explanations give by hs ministers. So he gave them some time to think and come up with clear explanations.

Accountability; He said the reason why he asked the PM to explain the funds that were allocated to the poor was because he had to fight against poverty. “Poverty is not worth living with”, he insisted. “Poverty should not be accepted even when people accept it. Wealth is only negative when it is misused to harm others; that’s bad wealth but if you are wealthy through legal means. The president went further to say he is doing this to Rwanda today so that the leaders in Rwanda and Africa should learn.

He also explained how some people or leaders tend to lead themselves instead of leading the people; he discouraged such form of leadership. He bothered more on the improvement of education. He said the citizens need the capacity to monitor the development of education because everyone is an educator saying no matter what, we need to be educated.

Health is the next thing the president closed with giving it a remark. He said categorically that if the health condition of the people of Rwanda is not upright, then development will equally be very slow.

Malnutrition is one thing he talked about, how children are been fed. He said those who are slowing down the development will bear the consequences. According to him, funds should not be wasted on salaries of people who are not responsible and accountable, trips etc. People should not look at themselves first but should look at others too. This is because there are many childred suffering from malnutrition who do not have the means to feed but some individuals do not think about these people suffering, they think only about themselves, again, he discouraged this kind of act.

Early education is the fourth topic Kagame addressed. “There is need to give this some attention, he said. To achieve a good understanding is one thing, and the process is another thing. The results are needed to be reached at but it cannot be reached through a wrong process which is about governance in general”.

He ended with Security. He said all these would not be possible without security. He categorically said security will get more than 100% of their attention. He also encouraged all participants that security begins with every individual.

He finally thanks everyone and wished them happy holidays and happy new ear.

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